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We all, have a right to health. It is a fundamental part of our human rights as it was recognized in the United Nation’s 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights. The right to health means that we all require having access to adequate healthcare services and resources we need, when and where, without suffering financial hardship. No one should get sick, become incapacitated or die simply because they cannot access essential health services. 

Unfortunately, this has been the case especially when it comes to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, uncontrollable cholesterol, kidney disorders, hypertension, and obesity to mention a few. In diabetes for instance, poorly controlled blood sugar can lead to blindness, stroke, kidney complications, amputations, heart attack etc. Apart from neurological problems, people living with diabetes often suffer from stigma and psychological disorders such as depression and sleep disorders.

Yet, substantial high costs are borne by diabetic patients in seeking care from public facilities in Kenya. High incidence costly treatment indicate that diabetes services are unaffordable to many of patients and this demonstrates the urgent need to alleviate the financial risk and death burden to ensure access to care. Annually Treatment for Diabetes medication on average is worth nearly Ksh20, 000/- (to Ksh300, 000/- depending on the severalty for condition), not counting transport, screening and diagnosis.

Thus, Afyacode Ltd, has set its foot at the right time and right place to curb healthcare challenges and crisis by introducing its unique intervention in the healthcare industry while ensuring that it continues to support both the affected and vulnerable population. It does this in order to achieve the global fundamental human right to health.

Established in 2020 by Dr. Daniel Katambo in Kenya, Afyacode mainly addresses the healthcare challenges in Diabetes, obesity, hypertension to mention a few key NCDs. Its interventions has brought about lifting burdens that many patients have faced, in that, they would no longer need to spend substantially high amounts of costly treatment each year and be dependable on daily medication.

It does so through empowering the general population and people living with NCDs with information concerning the importance of early screening and disease management. It not only promotes scientifically proven lifestyle diets but it documents articles, videos, documents and provides comprehensive online diabetes reversal programs. It does this in order to create awareness on prevention, diagnosis and management of NCDs.

Over a brief period of time, since 2020, it has provided accessible healthcare to more than 500 people living with NCDs like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity among others, thanks to its competent team of healthcare workers and stakeholders who aspire to save lives.