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Kitabu Cha Sukari

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KITABU CHA SUKARI contains over 750 high-quality food pictures, that provides a resource that is invaluable in helping people understand what is in their food and enable them to make changes to minimise the effect of their meals on their sugar levels.

The book is designed to help people living with excessive weight, obesity, pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes change or implement lifestyle modification as the first-line management of their condition.

This approach has been shown to help patients lose weight, and those with Type 2 diabetes achieve better control of their blood sugar with resultant improvement in their energy levels, reduction in medication and, in some patients, cessation of use of medication altogether.

Lifestyle change has also been shown to prevent or improve complications brought about by Type 2 diabetes, overweight and high cholesterol, including erectile dysfunction, improved vision, improved kidney function and complications related to nerves (Neuropathy).

The book contains pictures of locally available Kenyan/African foods and drinks with illustrations of the carbohydrate content of each of the foods using cubes of sugar and the approximated equivalent number of teaspoons of sugar. Each picture also shows the amount of protein, fibre, fat and calories.

This book has brought together the concepts of diet, lifestyle, and Type 2 diabetes management in a manner that is relevant to Kenya/Africa.

Book Features

Over 750 Food images suitable for:


Dr Daniel K. Katambo

Dr Daniel Katambo is a consultant physician with expertise in lifestyle-focused prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases. He is the CEO and founder of Afyacode Ltd and Klinic Reversa Ltd, the first clinic in Kenya dedicated to Type 2 diabetes remission/reversal and weight loss management.

He is also the director of Research and programs at the Diabetes and Information Centre (DMI).


Book/Product information:

Print Length: 300 pages.

Language: English.

Publisher: Afyacode Ltd.

Publishing Date:


ISBN Number: 978 – 9914 – 49 – 084 – 8

Kitabu Cha Sukari