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Klinic Reversa is the first diabetes remission center in Kenya. Aimed at long-term improvement in insulin sensitivity in people living with type 2 diabetes.

Klinic reversa  was established by our experienced diabetes expert, Dr Daniel Katambo who is the CEO and founder of Afyacode.

Who does Klinic Reversa target and why?

Klinic Reversa targets patients with type 2 diabetes, weight management needs, cholesterol management needs, family nutrition needs and other NCDs.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

Weight management needs

Other Non-Communicable diseases

Family nutrition management needs

Klinic Reversa's Diabetes Reversal Program

The diabetes reversal program is a diabetes reversal intervention based on low carbohydrates. It’s main target population are people living with overweight, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. 

The following table shows the complete program over one year, with details of data collected at each time point.

Month Visit type Month Visit type
1 Initial assessment by doctor and data collection* 8 Review by doctor and data collection
2-3 Course over six weeks 9 Group update
4 Review by doctor and data collection 10 Review by doctor and data collection
5 Group update** 11 Group update
6 Review by doctor and data collection 12 Final Review by doctor and data collection
7 Group update    

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What are the charges for services at Klinic Reversa?

Charges for consultation are relative and may depend on a number of factors. However for the it is Ksh 43,500 which takes a period of 1 year.

How do I access Klinic Reversa's services?

You can book an appointment here..

Where is Klinic Reversa located?

Klinic Reversa is located at Fortis Suites building in Upperhill Nairobi, 3rd Floor Room 303 along Hospital Road.